Crossroads’ staff strive to provide the highest level of support to each client receiving and each caregiver providing services with Crossroads Family Services.

Crossroads Team Working for Caregivers

From Management and Administrative staff to front-line Support Workers, everyone has the same goal--to provide support, education, advocacy, and guidance for our caregivers.

Our aim is to ensure that each client, whether a child, adult or elder, is matched with a family that is able to meet their specific needs - socially, emotionally, physically, and culturally. A good match, combined with focused support and training allows a family to meet most special needs presented.

Please meet our Program Service Teams, whose goal is to guide and support caregivers so they can nurture those they care for.

Family Solutions Group

Crossroads Family Services



Executive Management Team   Foster Care, Respite Care, Youth Work and Adult Care
Janet Ryan Newell CEO, Director   Annette Thiessen Business Operations Manager
Elaine Roemmich Executive Director   Lena Dobson Compliance Worker
Bobbi Junior Communications; Executive Administration   Pauline Duperreault Reception, Compliance
Emily Killen Marketing   Jo-Ann Klapstein Program Director

  Sarah Legere HARs - Central AB, Program Supports
Accounting: Endstate Management   Cathy Klapstein
Recruitment, Aboriginal Programming
Nicole Van Wyk Accounting Manager  

Judy Laboucane Bookkeeper   Michelle Caouette Manager - Foster Care
Carrie Riddle Junior Accountant   Kelsey Lin Back Up Supervisor
Summer 2013   Barb Tenney Back Up Support Worker
  Candace Cooper Support Worker
  Melissa Viste Team Lead - Foster Care
  Shauna Benvik Support Worker
  Gurneet Kandola Support Worker
  Stephanie Sputek Support Worker
  Katie Walker Support Worker
  Kelsey Lin Respite Program Supervisor
  Barb Tenney Respite Team Lead
  Craig Ryan Respite Supports & Training

  Kayla Hare
Scheduler & HR Program Support
  Emmanuel Mulumba
Respite Worker